[TYPO3-english] tagpack: problems since upgrading to 0.12

Florian Schaeffer florian.schaeffer at mercoline.de
Fri Jan 8 15:02:28 CET 2010

JoH asenau schrieb:
>> So thanx for tracking this down. 0.12.1 will be uploaded immediately.
> Done
> http://forge.typo3.org/repositories/browse/extension-tagpack/tags/tagpack_0_12_1
Hello JoH

thanks for the quick fix,

I already guessed that you might always use your 
additionalFilters.-setup and so never encountered the bug...

Great to see that fixed..

BTW: while searching through the code I looked for a possibility to have 
tagcloud and result list for a subpart of the whole page.

For tagcloud it is only possible to limit the storage pid via TS which 
is not acceissble for the end users (at least in our setup). the result 
list already has a starting point-field, which AFAIKS is not used in the 

So do you think it will be possible to limit the resultlist to that 
already present starting-point ?


	Products (has some tags like folder,pencil,pc,business)
	Company (has some tags like company,history,business)
	Info (tags company,environmnet,press)
	tags (contains all the tags)

So what would be nice is having the tagcloud using a starting-point 
(defined by BE-user) which is then used to fetch all tags from the 
tags-folder for all used pages underneath that starting point.

Same for the result list -> only show items / pages which are on a level 
underneath that starting point (I know, might me complicated for 

And another one, the counting of relations seems to be broken... 
although we only tagged to items with company the counter in the main 
table increases randomly to (at the moment) 54...

If you need further support in reproducing that bug just drop me a note...


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