[TYPO3-english] htmlRTE block style classes for table's tr tag configuration

Finees E Méndez fineesmendez at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 4 19:05:12 CET 2010

Hello Everyone

First, I love the htmkRTE extension for Typo3!
I have a few issues on trying to configure the RTE for classes. I read,
and re-read all the FAQs on the extension manual and I still can not
figure out:

1) How can I confiure htmlRTE to recognize block
style classes for "<tr>"? Say if we want "odd" and "even" for
different colored rows. I have added the class configuration to the TS:
"RTE.classes.even-row", "classesTable = ....,even-row", "classesTD =
....,even-row", "classesParagraph = ....,even-row", and
"RTE.proc.allowedClasses = ....,even-row" | But it is not recognized,
simply RTE states that it is an "Unknown block style"

2) How can
I get the "image" icon to display on the RTE? I again have tried all
your suggestions from the manual, and can not configure the "image"
icon to work. I am using Typo3.4.2.8, but do not know if this matters.
I have included my RTE TS for your quick review.

Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it.

Happy Typo3-ing =)
 Finees E. Méndez
e-mail: fineesmendez at yahoo.com

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