[TYPO3-english] phpbb users imported as FE-users using mm_forum phpbb import tool, but login doesnt work b/c of md5

tfpgs tfpgs at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 3 17:10:11 CET 2010


i own a phpbb forum with 200 users.
i imported them, using mm_forums phpbb import tool, as FE-Users inside typo3 4.3.
their passwords are now saved as md5.

for the FE-login i use the standard Login pagetype of typo.

the problem now is, that those users cant login in FE because their passwords are md5 encrypted.

the mm_forum manual is saying that i should use the kb_md5fepw extension.
but this ext is outdated and doesnt work anymore with typo3 4.3 and php5.

are there other ways to make that possible?


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