[TYPO3-english] Problem with uploading files with Filelist

Erdal Gök comm at webcan.de
Sun Feb 28 21:09:47 CET 2010

Hi Justin,

> I have a really problem with uploading files with Typo3, i can do it
> with FTP but when the costumer want to upload files then it's gonna be a
> big problem.
> This is the structure:
> Fileadmin(CHMOD 777) -> Files(CHMOD 777)
> When i try to upload any files to the folder "Files" then the page
> reloads but the file is not uploaded. With FTP it works..

I never had such a problem.
- Are the Filemounts-settings correct?
- Did it worked once ore never?
- Is the customers user an admin?
- In which program do you check the file-permissions?

Once I had a light version of a ftp-programm which did not show the 
actual given file-permission.


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