[TYPO3-english] Back-end module "pages" still rendered withtables

"Duch (aka. Grégory Duchesnes)" typo3 at ilomedia.net
Fri Feb 26 13:45:48 CET 2010


I'm not a CSS expert so all apologies for any unaccuracy.

I like your approach of not re-inventing the wheel and adding unnecessary layers. The FE works perfectly as it is for me with a CONTENT and a select on the colPos field, so please don't change that ;-)
I'm really looking forward to have a look at your prototype.

I also think that your approach would be a perfect match with a project i'm in charge : Jetts
It is a very simple templating system that is a nice replacement for automaketemplate. We both have the same approach, not re-invent the wheel, therefore Jetts juste parses the template with xpath and passes it back to the standard Typoscript TEMPLATE object.
Have a look at it, but i think that your grid system for the BE + Jetts for the FE would be a killer app : http://forge.typo3.org/projects/show/extension-jetts
You'll find a nice tutorial in the manual and the code is self explanatory.


Le 26 févr. 2010 à 12:01, JoH asenau a écrit :

>> Tables are perfectly valid to render tabulated data, but as states
>> Christopher, so called "experts" can disregard a tool only because of
>> a rumor that it doesn't use divs where it "should" be.
>> The idea behind my post is not about all that. I'm not trying to
>> please any expert, all i'd like to achieve is to make the BE a little
>> bit more flexible in order to make it look a bit more like the FE
>> with a simple CSS.
> And this is where our team stepped in at T3UXW09 with another idea:
> Instead of having to apply any CSS at all you can get a flexible number of
> up to 255 BE columns arranged in a grid (aka as table) editable via a grid
> editor.
>> It is pretty simple on the paper, all it takes is to replace the
>> table whose class is 'typo3-page-cols' by 4 divs (or more depending
>> on TCA) with float:left and a width of 100%/x and add an id such as
>> id="colPos_x"
>> This way, it doesn't change anything for most people and if someone
>> wants to render the first column on top of the others (displayed like
>> a header for example) he can using a simple additional CSS.
> The problem is that you can not reproduce each and every colspan/rowspan
> variant of a grid with floated divs only. You will need absolutely
> positioned containers to acchieve that and this won't work with the variable
> height of a variable number of content elements.
> Since the BE already works with tables we just improved this behaviour to
> get a better usability for editors. T3UXW09 was never about refactoring the
> code completely.
> For each grid record you can attach a small icon to show the available
> layouts as "selicons" while editing the page record, which will give an
> additional usability improvement. We are thinking about a frontend plugin
> that will take care of the backend layout as well but currently it's done
> with simple TypoScript CONTENT, which is working easily because each backend
> container represents a "colPos".
> Since we are currently working with the prototype on a real project, I will
> make a video to show the basic concept. Maybe the decision makers then will
> get the same "Woooow!" effect as most of the people who have already seen it
> in action ;-)
> Could be a good talk/discussion for T3DD10 as well, what dou you think?
> BTW: Actually "float" was not meant to position containers at all but to
> have text float around just one container.
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