[TYPO3-english] t3 4.2.12, RTE: "Editor is loading, please wait ..."?

Kristian Rink lists at zimmer428.net
Wed Feb 24 15:52:12 CET 2010


first off, thanks a bunch for your quick answer. Much appreciated. :)

Marcus Krause schrieb:
> Is there a caching proxy in between server and client? This could be a
> transparently one or one that is explicitly configured in your browser's
> network settings. If so, please try it again without this proxy (clear
> browser's cache before)!

Yes, thought about this as well. :( The same thing happens no matter 
whether I use the (reverse, non-caching) proxy server or access the 
internal server directly. Actually, my latest experiments all happened 
while directly connecting to the httpd in order to avoid eventual proxy 
related phenomenons... :/

Thanks again and all the best,

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