[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 4.3.2 ter upload broken ?

Marcus Krause marcus at t3sec.info
Tue Feb 23 18:01:16 CET 2010

Steffen Gebert schrieb am 02/23/2010 04:51 PM Uhr:
> Am 23.02.2010, 16:45 Uhr, schrieb Christoph Hofmann <qmail at vfc2.eu>:
>> Hi all,
>> when I try to upload an extension to the ter I got the following
>> messgage.
>> Fatal error: SOAP-ERROR: Encoding: object hasn't 'name' property in
>> /var/www/typo3_src-4.3.2/typo3/mod/tools/em/class.em_soap.php  on line
>> 230
> Marcus Krause fixed some problems with failed uploads in TER yesterday
> (in TER, not in TYPO3!), which seemed to occur only with PHP 5.3.0
> May be this now caused other problems...

I'm already aware of this bug.

Looks like buggy client software was communicating with buggy server
software but somehow both were able walk around problems. But now with a
proper/valid wsdl they face problems.


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