[TYPO3-english] tcemain and fe extensions

Peter Russ peter.russ at 4many.net
Mon Feb 22 17:18:11 CET 2010

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> Hi!
> On 2010-02-22 17:37:59 +0200, Rik Willems said:
>> Thank you for the clear instructions.
>> Is there a security issue involved in using tcemain in fe?
> No, it is not security. Many hooks will expect a fully loaded BE 
> environment. As a result data can become corrupted in places where you 
> do not expect it.
>> I found that hooks do work properly because they are called when 
>> executing tcemain.
> Some do, many will not. If you want to risk, you can do it. I would 
> never do it because it is not what should be done. TCEmain is not for 
> FE. I have no way to stop you from doing this but if you want a good 
> advice: do not use TCEmain in FE. That's all I can say.

Black or white?
As there are also advantages to make use of TCEmain I would go for a 
service that is called e.g. every minute to insert the data provided by 
fe_users and queued. This helps to keep the world monochrom i.e. BE or 
FE ;-)
Task schedualer might be used for that...
or crawler or...


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uon GbR

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