[TYPO3-english] TSConfig and condition

Ulrich Lorenz PHZ Luzern lorenz.ulrich at phz.ch
Fri Feb 19 19:36:03 CET 2010

Hi there

Open your URL again, go to the next page and read:

"In the “globalString” condition, key “TSFE:” will not work because the TSFE global object only exists in the FE context. The “LIT:” key will not work either as it is used to compare TypoScript constants, which are not available in the BE context."

I'm not aware of a solution without the use of additional extensions. A solution using the Template selector is described here:


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Betreff: [TYPO3-english] TSConfig and condition
In the TSConfig manual (
is wrote that is possible to use conditions in 4.3

I try with the code:

mod.SHARED.colPos_list = 0
[globalVar = TSFE:page|layout=1]
mod.SHARED.colPos_list = 0,1

but if I set the layout=1 I have always one column in backend page (I have
the same conditions in template)
What is wrong?

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