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Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Thu Feb 18 11:56:52 CET 2010

Den 17.02.2010 16:51, skrev Katja Lampela:
> Hi Erik,
> And thanks a lot for your answer.
> Erik Svendsen kirjoitti:
>> Have had the same problem. In my case it was the "District" field
>> which made the problem. Even without the field in
>> plugin.tx_extendedshop_pi1.requiredFields it was seen as required.
> Do you remember how you solved it? You know it doesn't matter if I fill
> or don't fill the fields (required or not) it always gives the error.

The extension is a bit strange - because it don't let you put the 
necessary TS-code (working) on whatever place you want.

My solution was this code in TS on the payment and finalize page (both 
are necessary). Probably you should use this on Userinfo page to.

plugin.tx_extendedshop_pi1.requiredFields = 
plugin.tx_extendedshop_pi1.requiredDeliveryFields = 

I have tried it on rootpage for shop (order part), but that doesn't work 
- you can check the TS with the Object browser, then you will see which 
field are required.

>>> So, I have questions for you guys who know this extension:
>>> 1. does this work okay with TYPO3 4.2.11?
>> Yes!
>>> 2. does it work without feuser logging in, as an open shop system?
>> As far as I know,
> nice :)

Forgot one word (NO) - hasn't got it working without logging in. As the 
solution is using fe_users to manage customers, it needs the logging in.

Probably it's possible to solve this using a "guest" account, but I 
haven't tried yet. The method is like this (not tested, but should work 
with some adjustments).
- On basket page - have one more button - buy without logging in.
- You have to have another set of userinfo, payment and finalize pages 
and make adjustment to TS. You have to set requiredFields to nothing for 
payment and finalize. requiredDeliveryFields to necessary fields.
- The userinfo page has to have a hidden script that logs you in to a 
guest account, and the delivery address has to be open as default.
- The customer fills out the delivery address - which upon accepting 
should be saved as an tt_address records on order page.

>>> 3. is there a way to modify which fields are there in the order
>>> information form? I know I can modify the required fields with this
>>> plugin.tx_extendedshop_pi1.requiredFields, but is it possible to modify
>>> the whole form?
>> Yes! You could do a lot of modifying through changing the templates
>> for the shop and the fe_userregister templates.
> Ok. Just have to solve the first error before modifying the templates..
>>> Thanks in advanced :)
>> Regards
>> Erik Svendsen

Mostly it a bit try, test and why not with this kind of extensions. As 
the logic in them are more complicated - the possible errors also more.

You will probably also get some problems with shipping and payment 
options. You solve them also with putting the TS on the right page. I 
had to put the payment TS on the payment page - like this

<-- code -->
plugin.tx_extendedshop_pi1.payment {
	10.title = Faktura
	10.message = Faktura sendes ut fra Norsk a.s Rosenthal
	20 >
	80 >
	wss_paypal  >
	wss_bancasella >

<-- code end -->

This shop is only using Invoices.

Hope all this help


Erik Svendsen

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