[TYPO3-english] BE Access field

Stephen Bungert stephenbungert at yahoo.de
Fri Feb 12 15:20:06 CET 2010

Thanks for the answer but what happens with your solution when I have to add 
a new user group? Would the new group show up until I excluded it on every 
site where i don't want it via tsconfig?

Is it not possible to enforce the domain restrictions that the user group 
uses? All my groups are locked to specific domains, why doesn't the BE 
respect those when building the list of access groups. I know that anyone 
who creates an extension can alter the select fields in tca.php, there 
should be someway to specify that only record under the current site root 
are included, or that domain locks should be enforced.

I guess I need to create my own extension that alters the access field for 
every table that I want them restricted so that it only displays the groups 
that belong to the current domain. Or does anyone know of an extension that 
does this already?

Once again, thanks for your answer.

"jochem nabuurs" <jochem at roquin.nl> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
news:mailman.1.1265980788.32033.typo3-english at lists.typo3.org...
> Stephen Bungert wrote:
>> Is it possible to only show in the BE access field, user groups that are 
>> part of teh site being edited?
>> At the moment all user groups for the entire TYPO3 system get show. Some 
>> sites only use 2 usergroups but all 100 or so show up. Can I filter out 
>> groups with page tsconfig maybe? Or by altering the tca?
>> Stephen.
> Hi Stephen,
> Try adding this to page TSconfig.
> TCEFORM.tt_content.fe_group.removeItems = 1,2,3,4,5,6
> For more info see: 
> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/references/doc_core_tsconfig/4.1.0/view/1/3/#id3983057
> Kind regards,
> Jochem Nabuurs

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