[TYPO3-english] Resize images, imageLinkWrap, cursor: -moz-zoom-out;

mario m at mariochiari.net
Thu Feb 11 22:25:46 CET 2010

Il giorno gio, 11/02/2010 alle 13.15 +0100, mario ha scritto:
> Hello

> Also, how do I get a scroll-bar in the pop-up window given as above?

Looking more carefully, I see that the pop-up window is given by the JS
function openPic(url,winName,winParams), defined in class.tslib_fe.php. 

To get a scrollbars=yes into the winParams, it seems I need to hardcore
it within the definition of imageLinkWrap($string,$imageFile),  in

So, I get the scroll bar.

I do not see how I may get the same result without going within the
code, which it is a global change I do not like. 
Is there a TS trick I am not seeing?

I still miss to undestand how I could get the -moz-zoom-out/in effect.

any advise is welcome

$a1='<a href="'. htmlspecialchars($url) .'" onclick="'.
\'width='.($dims[0]+$offset[0]).',height='.($dims[1]+$offset[1]).',status=0,menubar=0 [>>>>>>],scrollbars=yes[<<<<<<<]\'); return false;').

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