[TYPO3-english] FE edit available only to the "main" site of a typo3 installation?

Stefanos Karasavvidis sk at isc.tuc.gr
Tue Feb 9 10:18:50 CET 2010

Tapio Markula wrote:
> Stefanos Karasavvidis
>> I want to use the edit panel and the FE editing functionality for
>> several sites on the same typo3 installation.
>> This works perfectly for the main web site of my installation with
>> page.config.admPanel = 1.
>> For all other sites accessible through a different domain
> yes - you can use frontend editing only from one domain/ session
> This is because of session cookies, which enable the frontend eding only
>  for one domain/session. You just must accept this behavior.

Thanks for the response, but I must say that at first this kind of
shocked me! I expected that this would work.

But then, the part of your answer about the cookie, brought up the idea
to login into the backend not from the main domain, but from the
subdomain. E.g. instead of www.MAIN.com/typo3 to login through
SUBDOMAIN.MAIN.com/typo3 or www.OTHER.com/typo3

In all cases, the edit panel shows up as expected! And this is an
acceptable workaround for my case.

Thanks again


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