[TYPO3-english] Repeat a Wrap every 4 times (maybe optionSplit)

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Thu Feb 4 17:10:54 CET 2010

>>> Would this be possible with the optionSplit functionality?
>> should be
>> use || and |*| correct way
> thank you for your answer. This is what I got till now, but this does
> not fit my described needs.
> The Problem is that I'm not able to say:
> Wrap at latest after 4 Items but if there are only 3 items left wrap
> them with the div.row.
> Imagine there are 11 Items. I will get two complete rows. But the
> third row will start but the tag will not be closed.

Well - actually it is possible.
I wil try to break it down to a simple example.

optionSplit uses 3 major parts, first, middle and last that can be split up
into minor parts.
According to the rules in TSref some parts are repeated, some rotated and
there is the priority last, first, middle

You will need just three different wraps (called A, B and C, with B being
the closing wrap for each row and C being the last one) within the
optionSplit and a starting "wrap" outside i.e. in the HMENU.wrap

|*| A || A || A || B |*| C

As you can see the first part (before the |*|) is empty, the middle part and
the last part are equal.
Last comes before middle, so up to 4 entries B should not be used at all.
In any case that is higher than 4 you will get the rotated middle values and
the last value at the end.
This should give you


and so on.

I guess this should solve your problem by replacing A, B and C with the
complete code for a single wrap: wrap|wrap



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