[TYPO3-english] substituteMarkerArrayCached - link problem

Milicev Uros milicev at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 13:59:46 CET 2010

Hello list,

Recently I found weird problem with substituteMarkerArrayCached function.

I noticed when I add links(to the page or to the file) in tt_news RTE, I do
not have <a> tags. After lot of TS code experiments, allowTags,
generalStdWraps etc etc I found this issue:

In class.tx_ttnews.php there is line:

$itemsOut .=
$markerArray, array(), $wrappedSubpartArray);

In the $itemsOut are the content that is displayed in FE. weird thing is
that, when I vardump $markerArray, I have <a> tags in proper places, but
when I vardump $itemsOut , there is just text without <a> tags.

clear cache works ok....cache_page table is flushed properly.

Site is powerde by 4.1.2

thnx in advance

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