[TYPO3-english] Allow a backend user permission to move a page

Stephen Bungert stephenbungert at yahoo.de
Thu Feb 4 12:20:39 CET 2010

I have a problem with backend groups. How do you allow usergroups/users to 
move pages?

User seem to be able to move pages as long as they move them after a page 
with the same parent page, but they try and move a page so that it's parent 
page is different TYPO3 just shows an error message.

An example:

 - Page 1
 - Page 2
 - Page 3
 --- Page 3.1
 --- Page 3.2
 --- Page 3.3
 --- Page 3.4

Page 3.1 - 3.4 can be moved as long as they stay as subpages to Page 3. It 
is not possible for my backend usergroup to move, for example, Page 3.2 
above Page 1 or into Page 2. This causes an error.

What do I have to do to my user group settings to be able to allow this kind 
of page move?


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