[TYPO3-english] Cache problem: plugins not rendered in FE in default lang

Frank Sonck frank.sonck at freebel.net
Thu Feb 4 11:31:19 CET 2010

Hi people,

On our multi (2) lingual site we recently had 3 pages with problems:
- links (extension modern linklist)
- downloads (ext modern doloads)
- newsletter subscription (sr_email_subscribe)

In the FE the plugins were rendered in the second (fr) language but not 
anymore in the default (nl) lang.
Flushing page cache, reconfiguring the sysfolder id in the plugin 
flexform, placing a new plugin instance on the page etc all helped 
nothing: FE showed no plugin in default lang.
Placing a plugin (tested with sr_email_subscribe) in both langs on a 
testpage in the same site worked ok. So the problem seemed connected with 
those 3 pages.

Finally I deleted temp_CACHED files which solved the issue.

I had similar issues before. With tt_news I have 1 or 2 pages that every 
now and then suddenly show a limited list of older articles instead of 
the newest. Flushing page_cache helps.

In a site with a lot of pages it's a bit difficult to check this. So it's 
always visitors that get confronted with these things and hint us. Which 
is nice but not nice.

QUESTION: does anyone have experience with this or better: understands 
why sometimes there *seems to be* a hickup in the caching?

Kind greetings
Frank Sonck

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