[TYPO3-english] Change label in filelinks

James Corell jcorell at e-p-c-s.com
Wed Feb 3 00:04:50 CET 2010

In TYPO3 v. 3 I had an extension that secured RTE links to /fileadmin files
by a combination of TYPO3 login and .htaccess login. Since upgrading to
version 4, I no longer have that option.

I'm trying to solve the problem through the use of tt_content.uploads
(filelinks) and the jumpurl property. So far I've been able to secure
filelinks like so:

# Secure filelinks
tt_content.uploads.20 {
  linkProc {
    jumpurl = 1
    jumpurl.secure = 1
    jumpurl.damSecure = 1

What I'm having a problem with, however, is that filelinks don't format the
way I'd like them to. The default is:

<A HREF="link">File Name</A>


How do I write the typoscript so that the description is the link label? I
keep trying different things but so far have been unable to affect the
formatting whatsoever.

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