[TYPO3-english] GIFBUILDER and TrueType fonts (problem with national signs)

Tomas Mrozek mail at cascaval.com
Tue Feb 2 09:02:13 CET 2010

> Thanks for reply!, Hmm any Windows software advice ? I found only
> FontForge which would do that and is free, but it requires cygwin :/

There is a Windows version (1) which doesn't require cygwin and actually
doesn't need installation at all as far as I remember.

The better option is to install VirtualBox (2), install some Linux
distro as a virtual machine (which is handy anyway) and then install and
use FontForge on it.

But beware. Conversion of fonts is not that easy and the result is
sometimes not perfect. If there is a TrueType alternative of your font
available, it's usually better to buy it than go into the hassle of font
conversion, nevermind the possible license issues.

Tomas Mrozek
[1] http://fontforge.sourceforge.net/ms-install.html#Alternatives
[2] http://www.virtualbox.org/

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