[TYPO3-english] Error Not Acceptable on Click enlarged images

Alwin Kruijt alwintypo3 at xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 1 20:59:15 CET 2010

> Not Acceptable
> An appropriate representation of the requested resource /showpic.php could
> not be found on this server.
> Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an
> ErrorDocument to handle the request.
> </quote>
> Which part you don't understand?
The first about the missing resource. On other imagelinks it's index.php thats missing. But I guess it is missing some parameters in the URL. A link to http://seafoodplus.nl/new/index.php?eID=tx_cms_showpic&file=uploads%2Fpics%2F09-03-26_Tim_Hall_and_audience.JPG&width=800m&height=600m&bodyTag=%3Cbody%20bgcolor%3D%22black%22%3E&wrap=%3Ca%20href%3D%22javascript%3Aclose%28%29%3B%22%3E%20|%20%3C%2Fa%3E&md5=b1688067e69b863f59396da84dae96a4

IS working,
but a link to 



> Obviously the click enlarge option is pointing to "showpic.php" which doesn't exist.
Sorry I forgot to mention that the file showpic.php and index.php do exist.

> So you got two options:
> 1) Get back showpic.php form an old source (and maybe reopen security holes)
> 2) Change the rendering of your images so that showpic.php is not required
> anymore
Option 2 sounds interesting, however I have no clue how to do this. I shall Google about this.

> Maybe your hosting provider updated some software which caused some incompatibilities with this historical version of TYPO3.
Thats what I thought, but I have no clue what 'software' can do this. T3 is supported by the hosting provider via Fantastico DeLuxe (this is a feature inside the CPanel, one click install of T3). So this rules out the provider, it's something in this install that is corrupt.

>> I mirrored the website to a serparate domain on the same webserver
>> (http://seafoodplus.nl) to fiddle on. Upgrading from 3.7.0 to 3.8.0
>> to 4.2.10 doesn't help except for screwing everything that needs
>> upgrading like news and filedownload plugins and stuff. 
> It's best to upgrade in steps (3.7 -> 3.8 -> 4.0 -> 4.1 etc.). After upgrading the source you should run the upgrade wizard and the database compare option in the install tool

Did that while upgrading (very helpful addition from T3 by the way!), didn't help. Currently running in 4.2.10 (not compatibility mode). The weird thing is when I connect the same database to a clean install (using Fantastico) the error is gone (along with all functionality). If I can fiddle out what is causing the error I can save a LOT of time in not rebuilding the website from scratch.

> This makes sure that database updates are performed correctly.
> Updating extensions is probably part of the same game, since newer version of TYPO3 require newer versions of extensions.
When I disable all non essential plugins in Extension manager should remove the Extensions from the equation right? I mean when everything is switched off, an extension can't still give errors? or am I wrong in this assumption?

> There will be old plugins which are no longer running with newer versions of TYPO3. In many cases comparable functionality is available in other (newer) plugins. It happens frequently that plugin authors stop updating their applications...
I understand. The new Newsplugin is a big improvement. However to make it look like the old one is terrible with no coherent documentation of the plugin. I have no idea where to start.

> It might be an idea to ask a company for a quote for updating this installation. I don't think you will get many offers which will include fixing lost functionality of obsolete extensions on a fixed price basis though...
I understand. Taking over a website from someone else is a pain, I know from experience. I'm hoping for someone with programming skills or knowledge of TSConfig stuff who can find what's wrong.
I'm afraid my only option is to make a fresh start and implement all functionality back to how it was before the error. However I'm not sure I will be using the same CMS competing CMSes are much more easier to implement and upgrade. 

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