[TYPO3-english] Deployment strategy for a load balanced Typo3

Rudi Meyer rme at systime.dk
Mon Feb 1 13:17:11 CET 2010

I'm building a setup for several Typo3 sites based on Amazons Web services
(EC2, S3 etc).

The goal is both scalability and redundancy. I have solved most of the
issues but have one headache left:

Multiple webservers has to share some data generated from the backend. This
can be /fileadmin, extensions and misc. files generated on extension

My current idea is to make a single server perform the backend operations.
We do not have the same demands for uptime on the backend - the frontend is
the issue here.
I will have the backend server pack and upload the data to s3 at regular
That means if the backend is down, the frontend servers will still be able
so reach the data from here.
Not a favorite, but the best so far.

Does anybody have good experience to share? Remember the focus is on
redundancy, as most documented setups are on scalability only - we cant
afford a single point of failure on the frontend.

Rudi Meyer
Forlaget Systime

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