[TYPO3-english] yafi question

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry.dulepov+t3ml at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 09:24:18 CET 2010


On 2010-01-30 00:55:03 +0200, La Farge Douglas said:
> So is it possible $this->conf['storagePid'] is being populate 
> withpages_17 instead of 17?  And if so why is the storagePid value 
> pages_17?

That's because TYPO3 has two formats to store references: as integer or 
as table name plus underscore character plus integer.

I remember there was abug in TYPO3 when flexform was always saved with 
a second format despite configuration to use the first one. What TYPO3 
version  do you have? Problem does not happen for me with TYPO3 4.2.9 
and yafi 1.0.6.

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