[TYPO3-english] tesseract + tagpackprovider: how to ignore tags to have show everything ?

Adrien Crivelli adrien.crivelli at ecodev.ch
Thu Dec 16 17:24:59 CET 2010

Hello everyone,

Case description:
I have a list of content items wich can be filtered by a list of criteria.
The list of criteria is a <select> box who is fed tags from tagpack via
tesseract. When a criteria is selected the list of content will only show
content tagged with criteria.

In addition I need a "all" criteria which will show all content items. And I
also need a default criteria to be selected when the user load the page for
the first time.

Solution 1:
Use tagpackprovider with "tags from expressions" as follow:

Problem 1:
On the first load the page will show all content items ("all" criteria). But
I miss the default choice to a specific criteria.

Solution 2:
Use tagpackprovider with filter set to have a default criteria :
vars:criteria // 12345

Problem 2:
When the user first load the page it will show only content with default
choice, but the "all" criteria will either actually show default criteria if
value is empty (eg: "") or show nothing at all if value is invalide (eg:

I would like to use some special syntax which would mean "ignore this
criteria" but cannot find anything like that in tagpackprovider and
expressions documenation. Any suggestions how to solve this ?

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