[TYPO3-english] 4.4 sprites with extjs

Kay Strobach typo3 at kay-strobach.de
Tue Aug 31 16:52:11 CEST 2010

Hello guys,

i tried to use the default generated sprite classes in TYPO3 4.4.2.
But I need to change the css to get it working.

Fe: I "set t3-icon-actions t3-icon-actions-document
t3-icon-document-new" as icon-class for an extjs button.

Additionally i need to disable the following rules in firebug:


.x-btn-text-icon .x-btn-icon-small-left .x-btn-text {
	background-position:0 center;



.x-btn button {
	background:none repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
to see the icons.

I created the Backendmodule with the following code:

$this->content = $this->doc->startPage($LANG->getLL('title'));
$this->content.= $this->doc->moduleBody($this->pageinfo,
$docHeaderButtons, $markers);
$this->content.= $this->doc->endPage();
$this->content = $this->doc->insertStylesAndJS($this->content);

Is this a general Extjs problem or a problem of the order of css
inclusion what i assume.
I hope I made the misstake, thanks for your help.

Best regards

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