[TYPO3-english] debugging to file

Lina Wolf liste at linawolf.de
Sun Aug 29 18:47:08 CEST 2010

  Hi David,

thanks for your answer.
> Currently I'm rewriting debug and view_array and so I'd like to know 
> details why
> 1) "t3lib_div::debug always causes some not so nice output"
>    How do you mean that exactly?
> 2) possible security issue on life systems.
>    How do you mean that exactly?

I meant
1) I dont want other people to see debugging output on a life-system. 
Because that looks like a broken site
2) Debug might contain information that is security relevant like server 
parts, database details or the such

So nothing to fix, but nothing you want on a life-system...

view_array i didnt know yet. It probally doesnt work on classes like 
debug does?

Greetings Lina

Liebe Grüße Lina Wolf

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