[TYPO3-english] Tips for implementing Magento with TypoGento

Jochem Nabuurs jochem at roquin.nl
Fri Aug 27 14:51:50 CEST 2010

Hi list,

currently, I'm busy implementing Magento into a TYPO3 installation.
I've managed to get the basics up and running (SSO, product display) but 
there are some things I can't seem to get right:

- Is there a way for the magento service links to work on all pages, 
even when there is no magento plugin present on that page. I guess this 
means setting a page id where the main plugin is located so links can be 
generated properly. F.e.: magento links are included on every page, 
while the magento plugin is located at www.domain.com/shop/. On 
www.domain.com/about/ the servicelink "my account" points to 
www.domain.com/about/customer/account and not 

- Is there a way to change the page title to represent the current 
displayed magento view. F.e. displaying the title of an article when an 
article single view is active?

- The docs speak of a way to fetch custom made blocks.
How do I do this? I tried the following but can't seem to get it to work 

lib.magentoCurrency = USER_INT
lib.magentoCurrency {
     userFunc = tx_fbmagento_pi1->main
     params {

This does not generate an error but merely displays the listview twice.

I hope there's somebody on the list who has more experience with 
TypoGento and is willing to help me out.

Thanks in advance!

Jochem Nabuurs

ROQUIN E-Solutions
The Netherlands

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