[TYPO3-english] Element reuse on Templavoila

José Ricardo jose.ricardo at convergenceworks.com.br
Wed Aug 25 20:58:58 CEST 2010

Hello people,

I'm working on a project which has lots of FCEs and most of them uses a
commom element (a selectbox, to be more specific) and I'm looking for a way
to reuse it, so when I need to change it I don't have to change all FCE's
DSs. I tried to use a TCEForm of *flex *type (as on
and use an external XML file, but without sucess. Someone has a sollution
for that? I mean, how do I reuse an element on many FCE's?

Thanks in advance.

José Ricardo Júnior
jose.ricardo at convergenceworks.com.br
+55 71 3013 0080
+55 71 9186 9895

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