[TYPO3-english] case-insensitive preg_replace on cyrilic letters

Lina Wolf liste at linawolf.de
Tue Aug 24 21:55:01 CEST 2010

  Am 24.08.2010 21:40, schrieb Dmitry Dulepov:
> I think "[[:punct:]]" is not a valid preg construction. I can be mistaken
> but it looks like ereg, not preg.
Yeah still trying to find out how they once mend it. Seems like there is 
or was a switch to use either ereg or preg in that extension.
> I am not sure what lnguage it is :) To me it looks like a random set of
> cyrillic letters. Normally I am able to recognize russian, unkranian,
> belorussian and serbian.
As far as I understand it should be bulgarian. Or someone used the 
cyrilic version of lorem ipdsum dolor ;-)
> Read about preg modifiers in PHP help. I think you need a unicode one +
> UTF-8 encoding
modifier 'u' did the magic for me.

LG Lina

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