[TYPO3-english] Modify $PCA['conf']['linkField']['uploadfolder']

David Bruchmann typo3-en at bruchmann-web.de
Tue Aug 24 16:53:14 CEST 2010

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Betreff:    Re: [TYPO3-english] Modify 
> Thank you very much David. I will modify the code in order to be able to
> modify the uploadfolder.
> Fran

Hi Fran,

ok, in this case you've to document your changes and always read the 
when something is reported here about the extension you've to make the 
documented changes in the updated version again.
The Customer should be informed about your descision.

Furtermore I read somewhere you can hide now the extension in the 
update-settings of the extension-manager. So nobody overwrites the 
changed extension even he has the rights but isn't informed about the 


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