[TYPO3-english] Anyone using extension siwiki?

Loek Hilgersom loek at netcoop.nl
Mon Aug 23 17:12:29 CEST 2010

Hi Stefan,

Finally had the time to pursue this further. I moved a big step forward and it's 
now almost working, except for some realurl issues.

The strange thing was that the JSON responses appeared to work, but did not 
really do so. The culprit was the FE debug function which was switched on in the 
development site: $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['FE']['debug'] = '1';
This appended HTML-comments behind the JSON responses: <!-- parsetime: .. -->

Apparently you can switch this on by Typoscript, but once it's switched on in 
the install-tool/localconf, you cannot switch it off using TS....

Now it's almost working, except that the links in the search results and the 
tag-dialog are invalid when using Realurl. No matter if the siwiki parameters 
are configured in realurl_conf or not, these links look like this:

So the page parameter is rewritten, but the rest not. The others should also be 
rewritten ofcourse, but at least the first & should be an ? to make valid url.
In other places siwiki generates proper links. I already tried enabling realurl 
for the page types for the ajax responses, but without success so far.



On 2010-08-14 14:39, Stefan Isak wrote:
> Hey Loek,
> in any case the asynchronous requests should get executed. So maybe you want to have a look at the answers of those requests, e.g. via firebug or webkit dev tools.
> That should give you more information about the problem. Here is an example url: http://example.com/index.php?id=1&type=552&siwiki[action]=ajax&siwiki[request]=getNamespaces
> This request should answer JSON or it throws an error that might help you.

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