[TYPO3-english] Any good suggestions for coupling between wec_discussion and a FE user listing?

Ulrik H. Kold uk at oerskov.dk
Mon Aug 23 12:20:31 CEST 2010

Hi group,

I have a request for a forum feature, and I would like to have your input:

Is there any chance of coupling any FE user listing extension 
(feuserlisting or the like) to the discussion extension wec_discusion? 
(I take it, that wec_discussion is a given in this task. If there are 
alternatives to this one, then please let me know which.)

I would like to create a forum with links from forum post's author name 
to a detail page with more information of that FE user. Is this in any 
feasible way possible? And how?

And in more detail:

When the user sees an overview page / archive page in wec_discussion, 
then I would like to provide a link from that post to a detail page for 
that author displaying e.g. the full name, the email, the postal 
address, etc. for the FE user.

I was planning on using wec_discussion and feuserlisting, but if there 
are better alternatives, please list them here - along with the reasons 
for choosing these instead.

Thanks in advance...

Ulrik H. Kold
Ørskov Web - http://www.oerskovweb.dk

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