[TYPO3-english] need migration help!

David Bruchmann typo3-en at bruchmann-web.de
Fri Aug 20 15:52:54 CEST 2010

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> Mav4D wrote:
>> Hello,
>>         I am a complete noob to Typo3. I have been doing some research on
>> the
>> web on how to properly Migrate typo3 to another server. The servers run in
>> the windows environment. We will be needing to migrate from a dying server
>> to a new server running in a virtual environment. I haven't really found
>> any
>> great step by step information on this topic. So what is the proper way of
>> doing this without causing any troubles? Help will be very much
>> appreciated!
>> Mav4D
> FYI the database is MySql


normally there isn't any big problem.
Just the enviroment like apache, php and mysql should be configured correct.
Then you can copy all files and the database to the new server, change 
domain-specific settings (including IPs, realURL, awstats (if used), 
baseURL, ...) to the new servers values.
Without experience perhaps you don't succeed immediately but checking 
logs and shown messages while trying the page you get enough hints to 
get all required settings.

For the case you wanna change something in your configuration of TYPO3:
Finish it before migrating or do it afterwards but don't connect it 
because else you'll have it much harder to find faults.

I'm using nearly always windows-installations for development and copy 
it to unix/linux-servers - no problem.

For the case that you don't succeed you can call for help in this list 
or me personally - my hourly price isn't so much and normally it's done 

MUST have for migrating: phpmyadmin, ftp (or direct file-access), and 
perhaps console (normally I don't need it).


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