[TYPO3-english] exclude Parameters in cooluri

Tobias Dörner hermes1 at web.de
Mon Aug 16 22:14:47 CEST 2010

Hi Jan,
so you mean, it is not possible to hide f.e. parameter x,y and z from the
url, like this way, that they are not shown as ?x=bla&y=bla&z=bla AND not
shown as x/y/z.html
and other question is. can I get the parameter this way together that it
looks like x-y-z.html?
Best Regards

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> But what to do when I want to exclude it completely from one Typo3 Subpage
> while every other parameter works. For example like this:
> domain.tld/firstLevelMenu/mayBeOneMore.html
> Now the new title is missing.

Only from one? Then you can do it manually in the Link Manager. Anyway, 
there is no such thing as conditions, so it's always or never.


Jan Bednarik
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