[TYPO3-english] Bad image quality on cropscaled images

Lukas Mattsson lukas at antroposofi.info
Mon Aug 16 10:15:49 CEST 2010

Thanks for your answer, I tried out different options in the install 
tool, and eventually got it work.

Best regards, Lukas

Lina Wolf skrev 2010-08-13 15.32:
> Hey Lukas,
> the files are not really processed by TYPO3 but by Grafics Magic or
> Image Magic. TYPO3 can offer you no more quality then these can. Check
> or let your provider check, if a good version of Grafics Magic is
> installed. Also loss of Quality might come from converting JPG Images to
> png / gif. Each time a compressed image is processed you will loose
> quality expecially if conversions of file-types are needed. The best
> quality is still aquired wuith external Programms like GIMP or Photoshop.
> LG Lina

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