[TYPO3-english] Anyone using extension siwiki?

Stefan Isak stefanisak at googlemail.com
Sat Aug 14 14:39:31 CEST 2010

Hey Loek,

in any case the asynchronous requests should get executed. So maybe you want to have a look at the answers of those requests, e.g. via firebug or webkit dev tools.
That should give you more information about the problem. Here is an example url: http://example.com/index.php?id=1&type=552&siwiki[action]=ajax&siwiki[request]=getNamespaces
This request should answer JSON or it throws an error that might help you.

Right now it isn't really considered as a dead end. The thing is that different technologies changing. It's about wiki technologie itself, it's about the progress of extbase and it's also about the YUI Editor or better I should say about RTE editors in general. These days we can see some really cool new stuff e.g. http://aloha-editor.com/.

If we can figure out a schema and have an idea about how to bring all those things together, there may be a new version some day. But definitely there won't be further improvements to the actual version.


On 10.08.2010, at 22:12, Loek Hilgersom wrote:

> Hi Stefan,
> Thanks for your reply. The ajax functions don't seem to work, indeed. I did add all the TS configuration, but still the namespaces don't show up in FE.
> It's a pity that this thing is no longer maintained, I'd much prefer to use this instead of dr_wiki or another conventional wiki-type. Do you think it's worth putting some effort into it, or is it left behind because it was considered a dead end? And would you be available for help if I want to fix it up again?
> Thanks,
> Loek
> On 08/10/2010 11:10 AM, Stefan Isak wrote:
>> Hey,
>> it seems that ajax requests are broken in general.
>> Do you already have the required additional typoscript configurations?
>>   siwikiajax.10.configurations {
>>      storagePid = 123456789
>>   }
>> Besides you probably ran into some database leak.
>> Maybe you can try to drop the tables and start again.
>> Keep in mind that the extension is based on div/lib and therefore isn't
>> really future-proofed.
>> Cheers
>> Stefan
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