[TYPO3-english] CoolURI 301 redirects to old links does not seem to work.

Jan Bednarik info at bednarik.org
Thu Aug 12 21:20:53 CEST 2010


> Let's say an editor change the title of a page and the URL changes
> accordingly. Then there is just two URLs pointing to the same site, no 301
> redirect is activated.

the default configuration has 24h cache, therefore, when a page title is 
changed, old URL is shown till the cache expires and then the old URL is 
moved into Old Links and redirects to the new one.

If this doesn't work for you, then there is a bug.

Please check that the old link is not present in Cache, but only in Old 
Links and the new one is in cache and that the old has redirect to the 
new set.

If so and it doesn't work, then please update to 1.0.20 and if that 
still doesn't help, I'll need to have a look at it.

Jan Bednarik
www.bednarik.org - web about TYPO3 in czech

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