[TYPO3-english] Use stdWrap.split to wrap stuff with divs

Lukas Mattsson lukas at antroposofi.info
Thu Aug 12 15:32:14 CEST 2010

I am using the Feedforward extension to display Wordpress posts on my 
website. It works fine but I want the three latest posts to display in 
three columns. I can't use css floats because the posts aren't wrapped 
in div tags.
If there any way to wrap the posts in div tags?
If not, can I use "split" or any other stdWrap property to detect the 
posts (aka h2+p+p), and wrap them in divs. I see that the posts are 
separated by a <br>, can I use stdWrap to replace it with </div><div>, 
and then wrap everything in a div?

I use the tt_content.stdWrap.xxx.cObject thingy in my template to have 
different appearance on different content frames

tt_content {
   stdWrap {
     innerWrap.cObject = CASE
     innerWrap.cObject {
       key.field = section_frame
       5 = TEXT
       5.value = <div class="blog in three columns">|<div 
     split.cObject = CASE
     split.cObject {
       key.field = section_frame
       5 = TEXT
       5 {
         token = <br>
	# I tried lots of different code here, non worked ...

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