[TYPO3-english] edit multiple domains simultaneous with frontend editing

Muriel le Pair typo3 at strangefruit.nl
Thu Aug 12 12:48:16 CEST 2010


I have one TYPO3 backend with 2 websites, that point to the same address 
on the server.
Frontend editing only seems to work for the domain you are currently 
using. So for instance if you log into the backend at 
frontend editing is disabled (not even visible in the sourcecode) for 
the second domain.

Is it somehow possible to edit the content of both domains with frontend 
editing simultaneously?

current roottree:
- root 1 (domain: mydomain.com)
--- page 1 etc
- root 2 (domain: seconddomain.com)
--- page 1

met vriendelijke groet,

Muriel le Pair

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