[TYPO3-english] Taskcenter extension: status?

Frank Sonck frank.sonck at freebel.net
Wed Aug 11 09:57:20 CEST 2010

Hello Georg,

Thank you for the quick reply!
>> - In the existing site (upgraded from older core) I have the extensions
>> "taskcenter", "sys_actions" etc. In a completely new site (src+dummy
>> 4.4.0) I only have "sys_action" and it's working. Why there is no
>> "taskcenter" module?
> What do you miss? What did the taskcenter module do?

I don't know in fact. It's there since I started with this site and TYPO3 
I guess. Other and also older (test) sites also have this "taskcenter" 
module. I guess in older versions this came as system extension 
automatically upon install.
I don't *need* or *want* it but it's a pity that I can't find an 
explanation as to why such things disappear. Makes it harder for a 
simpler user (not dev) to keep understanding the system.
>> - Does anyone about the "taskcenter_recent" module? There's no manual.
>> Is this already part of the core?
> It is not part of the core but available in TER. As Patrick was on
> holidays I fear it is not the really latest version but you can get this
> from https://svn.typo3.org/TYPO3v4/Extensions/taskcenter_recent/trunk/
> I am also maintainer of this extension. Please report bugs / features to
> the forge project.

OK. Thanks. So you just install it and don't have to throw away anything 
>> - Does anyone know how import/export works? It doesn't have any buttons
>> or whatsoever.
> Switch to the imp/exp module by exporting a page (tree): Contect menu >
> More option > Export to t3d: Configure your settings and switch to the
> tab "File & Preset". There you can save you settings. This preset will
> then be available through the impexp in the taskcenter.

Ok, that's clear.
> Sorry for all the troubles
> Georg

Kind greetings and thanks for your work.

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