[TYPO3-english] Anyone using extension siwiki?

Stefan Isak stefanisak at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 10 11:10:28 CEST 2010


it seems that ajax requests are broken in general.
Do you already have the required additional typoscript configurations?

  siwikiajax.10.configurations {
     storagePid = 123456789

Besides you probably ran into some database leak.
Maybe you can try to drop the tables and start again.

Keep in mind that the extension is based on div/lib and therefore isn't
really future-proofed.


2010/8/9 Loek Hilgersom <loek at netcoop.nl>

> Hi,
> I'm trying to get siwiki installed. I followed all steps from the manual,
> but run into problems with namespaces: there are 2 created, but I don't get
> the option to select on when I create a new article. When I then try to save
> the article the plugin throws an error because of the missing namespace:
> "Could not get article!
> Please consider to have at least one namespace and one article item in
> place.
> Keep in mind that this items should be equal to your typoscript values for
> defaultNamespace and rootpage."
> Also, the ajax search function doesn't return any results.
> Anyone using this extension and not having these issues?
> Right now I'm working on an 4.2 installation, but since the extension is
> more than a year old I don't expect that to be the problem.
> Thanks for any input!
> Loek
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