[TYPO3-english] admPanel, edit icons in the newer releases

Fabian flachman at wizzbit.nl
Tue Aug 10 10:06:44 CEST 2010


Ever since one of the new TYPO3 releases which introduced the new front 
end editing (feeditadvanced) it is no longer possible to show just the 
pencil icon for editing things in the frontend. When I enable the 
editing icons I get the small editing bar for each content element with 
the move up/down arrows, show/hide, insert new record and delete icon.

How can I disable the full bar and just show the single pencil icon?

It used to be possible with some combination of:

But since the new front end editing was released it no longer works, I'm 
not using feeditadvanced, I'm still using feedit.

Kind regards,

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