[TYPO3-english] Issues with Typo3 3.8.1 on PHP 5.2.4

bernd wilke t3ng at pi-phi.tk
Thu Aug 5 14:19:27 CEST 2010

Am Tue, 03 Aug 2010 16:08:58 +0200 schrieb Freaky:

> Hi there,
> at the end of 2009 our webserver (Plesk) crashed. We migrated it to a
> new server (Ubuntu 8.04 TLS with Plesk (9.5.2 by now)), and all sites,
> but 2 Typo3 sites, were running fine.
> Both of the Typo3
> sites show similar behaviour in that they don't list the content of some
> pages. Unfortunately, there are no errors logged by PHP either. Back
> then I researched it for a bit and IIRC it had something do with $this
> being called recursively by 'static info tables' extension. We set up an
> old webserver based on ubuntu 6 TLS to run the sites and they run fine
> there.
> Since it summertime, and we have some spare time, I decided to pick it
> up again, as I rather do not have a webserver running for just 2 sites.
> Security updates will also cease next year, so we'll have to go
> somewhere.
> Anyways, as said, I'm not sure it's $this at all. I finally got it to
> upgrade to 4.1.14, updated all extensions and nothing changed (so the
> site still runs, but the pages that didn't return content, still don't).
> If I edit the page I see the content, but viewing it from the admin
> section does the same (no content).
> To clarify some things, we're just the hoster, not the designer nor the
> customer and my Typo3 knowledge, other than how to perform the base
> install equals 0. The original designer went bankrupt, so they're off no
> use.
> We always figured the issue was with PHP 5.2, as I recall a change with
> $this (calling from function/object itself, I somewhat know PHP syntax,
> but I'm no coder) and saw some postings on an issue with it back then,
> but no solution. After fiddling with it for 1,5 day now I got fed up
> with it and decided to try on my home server (gentoo amd64 with PHP
> 5.2.13-pl0-gentoo) and to my suprise it runs fine there. Both machines
> (ubuntu/plesk and my gentoo/manual config) run suhosin security patch on
> PHP.
> We're through our options. If the logging doesn't register anything it
> more or less stops. It's not that nothing is returned, it basically
> sends an empty page (so the ,  etc are all there, but the pieces where
> content is supposed to be are empty, we can also see the title in the
> browser's window). Error logging also functions, I can see other errors
> pop up in the logs, but nothing with respect to this issue.
> Any clues on how
> to go further?

different things come to mind:

- apache-error-log
- enable PHP errors/warnings inside TYPO3: 
install-tool -> all configuration -> *error*, *handler*, and especially: 

- extension-updates (have you enabled unreviewed extensions?)

- give it to an PHP-expert (better: TYPO3-expert) to debug and localize 
the error(s)

and finaly: for security reasons update all (TYPO3, extensions, PHP, ...) 
to an actual version 


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