[TYPO3-english] Problems with tt_news search results

TZP Teilzeitphilosoph at gmx.de
Thu Aug 5 09:06:52 CEST 2010

Good day to you.
First of all: please excuse my mistakes. I come from Germany and I hope that
my english knowledge isn´t totally screwed up. ^^

So here´s the problem: I got a simple page and a sysFolder with some news.
On my page you can choose between a "Deutsch" and "Englisch" view. It looks
like this in the backend.

--NewsOne   //de
---NewsOne //en
--NewsTwo  //de
---NewsTwo //en

and so on. Each News contains a normal "Text"-Element with 5 words in the
correct language...nothing special. German language is default by the way.

The page itself works perfect. I can see the correct news in the correct
language and switching is no problem. The only problem is the
search-function. When I m on the german view and search for a german word it
works perfect. If I switch to the english view and search an english word I
get nothing back...or sometimes only 2 or 3 hits but I know there should be
On the other hand: searching for a german word on the english view works
also perfect...but it shouldn´t. ^^

Here´s some code...maybe someone knows what to do or got any kind of hint?

30 < plugin.tt_news
30 {
	templateFile = fileadmin/meineSeite/showroom.html
	code >
	code = SEARCH
	pid_list >
	pid_list = {$pageId.showroom}
	searchPid >
	searchPid = 41
	sys_language_mode >
	sys_language_mode = strict 

Thanks for reading it. :)
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