[TYPO3-english] Difficulties changing the <title>

typo3 at concatenate.nl typo3 at concatenate.nl
Wed Aug 4 17:08:12 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I'm having difficulties changing the title of a website with TS and  
auto-parser. I hope someone can help me out, because i can't find an  
answer anywhere.

This is what is in my template concerning the header part:

     HEAD.all = 1
     HEAD.all.subpartMarker = DOCUMENT_HEADER
     HEAD.rmTagSections = Title

# Main TEMPLATE cObject for the HEAD
temp.headTemplate = TEMPLATE
temp.headTemplate {
   # Feeding the content from the Auto-parser to the TEMPLATE cObject
   template =< plugin.tx_automaketemplate_pi1
   # Select only the content between the <head>-tags
   workOnSubpart = DOCUMENT_HEADER

# Copying the content from TEMPLATE for <head>-sections
page.headerData.10 < temp.headTemplate

How can i change the <title> to whatever i want using the above setup?  
I.e. i want to put whatever i want in the <title>-tag

Thanks in advance.


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