[TYPO3-english] TemplaVoilà Cache problems

José Freitas jose.ricardo at convergenceworks.com.br
Mon Nov 30 21:28:19 CET 2009

Hello everybody,

I'm using TemplaVoilà and I'm get a big problem. The file reference of the
main page of my site is a PHP file, which I use to map the elements and
create the FCE's. I was able to make changes normally for weeks, but now
every change I do on this PHP file doesn't shows on the Typo3 page. If I add
or remove a FCE, this change is visible, but not the changes made on the PHP
file. I don't know if I made something wrong on the PHP file, but the big
problem is that every change I do on it doesn't works. I renamed the file,
forcing the file reference to point nowhere, and the page is still there (on
backend shows a ERROR message, saying that the file was not found, but on
frontend the page is still generated). I've already cleaned the Browser
cache (even tried on another one), the Typo3 cache, the eAccelerator cache,
manually deleted the cache files, restarted the Apache... I don't know what
to do anymore.

Anyone has any idea of what can I do?

Very very Thanks
And sorry for the not so good english, it's not my natural language.

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