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Mon Nov 23 20:10:05 CET 2009

from being able to select a usergroup for a user.
This is done by default upon creation of a user so there is no need for
editors to do this.

I've tried hiding the usergroup field in the BE user registration form,
which you get when adding a new FE user, by adding the following to the user
TSconfig of the editors usergroup: *page.TCEFORM.fe_users.usergroup.disabled
= 1
Now, when I try to create a user under the editors account, the field is
hidden. So far so good.
But when I want to log in under the account of the created user, it won't
work, because there is no usergroup assigned to the user.

Apparently, using the disabled setting in page TSconfig for the usergroup
field renders the TCAdefaults settings useless.
I think this is because the field is physically removed, so it is not
available for BE processing.

*My question:*

Is there a way to hide the usergroup field for the editors usergoup while
retaining the possibility to set a default value per sysfolder (with
TCAdefaults f.e.)
Limiting the number of choices in the usergroup selection box to 1 is also
an option, as is the disabling (grey out) of the selection items.
Maybe this is possible with *TCEFORM.fe_users.usergroup.removeItems*, but I
haven't checked this yet.

Kind regards,

Jochem Nabuurs
ROQUIN E-Solutions

Met vriendelijke groet,

Jochem Nabuurs
ROQUIN E-Solutions

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