[TYPO3-english] mod.SHARED.colPos_list not working for user

Gunnar Jonsson gu-jonss at online.no
Sun Nov 29 20:04:41 CET 2009

Yes, right column is selected, but the saved element is saved in the normal 
column even if the user selects the right column. However, if a user with 
admin rights does the same, the element is saved in the correct column (the 
right column). It seems that the user must have some kind of permission in 
order to be able to save elements in the right column. I thought is was 
enough to insert "mod.SHARED.colPos_list= 0,2" into a BE users TSconfig. But 
that was not working. It seems that I have to do something more, but what?

regards, gunnar jonsson
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>> I have inserted "mod.SHARED.colPos_list= 0,2" into a BE users TSconfig, 
>> but it seems not to be working. The user sees the right column, but when 
>> trying to create a new element in the right column TYPO3 is saving the 
>> element in the normal column, not the right column.
>> What should be done in order to make the user be able to save elements in 
>> the right column? How to give the user write permission in the right 
>> column?
>> regards,
>> Gunnar Jonsson
> There is a select box on each element, where the column can be selected. 
> Is this set to "right column" before saving, i.e. when element is created?
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