[TYPO3-english] tinymce_rte & different config for diff table fields

Bob Wild rowild at gmx.net
Sat Nov 28 09:58:26 CET 2009

Hi, list,

I put this in the rte section already, but there is no response. I hope 
you here can help me!

I added 3 columns to tt_content and need a minimum RTE setup for these 

So after defining the default setup in the PageTS of the root page ---

RTE.default {

--- I added:

RTE.tt_content.field.tx_rwaddcontentfields_teaser_header.init {
     showButtons = bold, link, typo3link, unlink, code, formatselect, 
styleselect, fontselect, fontsizeselect, forecolor, forecolorpicker, 

     theme_advanced_text_colors = 6b6f66,007cc1,000000,ffffff
        theme_advanced_more_colors = false

        width = 480px
        height = 50px

theme_advanced_buttons3 = bold,formatselect, styleselect, fontselect, 
fontsizeselect, forecolor, forecolorpicker, removeformat

(Line breaks are a result of the mail program)

The table name is copied from phpmyadmin and I followed the explanations 
found here:

But - I can't get it working. Can anybody hint me into the proper direction?

Thanks in advance!

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