[TYPO3-english] tt_news 3.0.0 released

Rupert Germann rupi at gmx.li
Fri Nov 27 19:02:55 CET 2009


After 1 year  8 months and 10 days - of hard work ;-)
finally it became true:
A few minutes ago I uploaded tt_news version 3.0 to TER. Check it out!

tt_news 3.0 highlights:

- New backend module to manage news and categories
- FE plugin changes:
     - Many new configuration possibilities by enabling "OptionSplit" 
for almost all parameters for the tt_news plugin
     - New display modes (CODEs) and template parts
     - Build-in processing of generic markers (thanks to Ringer Gerorg ;-) )
- Easy update: new updater script which fixes the most common migration 
- Serious speed improvements: core refactoring and internal caching of 
processing intensive values
- Improved usability: reorganized constant editor options, plugin 
flexform and news record form.

and tons of other fixes and improvements

for a full list of all changes have a look at the changelog:
(tt_news 2.5.2 was released on 2008-03-17. so the last 600 lines in the 
changelog are about tt_news 3.0)

Due to excessive core work I did not yet have the time to rework the 
complete tt_news manual and CSH until now, and so I compiled all 
informations about changes and new features in tt_news 3.0 in a seperate 
document (tt_news_3.0_changes.sxw) which will be delivered with the 
extension and which you can download here:

If you find bugs in the new version please report them to project 
"tx_ttnews" at http://bugs.typo3.org .
Monetary appreciation and motivation goes to rg(at)rupert-germann.de at 
moneybookers or paypal
The tt_news SVN repository: 
The tt_news news group: "typo3.projects.tt-news" 

tt_news 3.0 in the news:

Have fun with the new version :-)


tt_news maintainer, TYPO3 core-developer

PS: don't forget to make a backup before upgrading your site


Rupert Germann
tt_news maintainer, TYPO3 core developer, http://rgdata.de

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