[TYPO3-english] Import/Export national chars problem

Pero Matic takoje at takoje.hr
Fri Nov 27 13:51:50 CET 2009

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>> Hi. I made an export of some small Typo3 site (ver. 3.8.1) and import to 
>> 4.2.10 Typo3. It seems everything is fine but there is one problem. When 
>> i show pages every text that has national characters in it is removed?? 
>> When editing text in RTE everything is fine - national chars are 
>> displayed correctly and nothing is removed. Anybody have a clue what's 
>> going on? Thx!
> Which Charset is the DB running same as old one?
> Which Charset do you use in BE?

I'm going nuts with this. Charset is the same - iso-8859-2 (forced in BE). 
The best thing is that i have another site in the same Typo3 installation 
that is working fine. Now i tried creating minimal template setup with only 
one Text element in BE. When i insert some national characters in Text 
header, header is not displayed (it's wrapped with stuff like <h1> bla bla) 
but no actual header content. If i write it with english letters only its 

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